Insolvency Law 

Crisis management

  • Examination and analisis of overindebtedness
  • Emergency measures to ease the duty to file an insolvency petition (juristic persons only, i. e. GmbH)
  • Support of your negociatons seeking for bridging fincances and/or venture capital
  • Inhouse communication & reassurance of employees through a consolidation plan

Rescue operationd & deptors in possession

  • Development and plausibility of redevelopment concepts
  • Support of your administration matching the bankruptcy code conditions
  • Liquidity management & analisis of profitability

Insolvency claims

  • Enforcing your insolvency claims
  • Checking of rights of avoidance, claim for restitution of capital etc.

International Insolvency Law (1)

  • (1) currently provided only for Argentina/Mercosur
  • Enforcement of your insolvency claims
  • Reporting of current procedures
  • Representation when negotiating insolvency plans with the foreign debtor